Portable Electric Fireplace Heater Walmart

Portable Electric Fireplace Heater Walmart

Q: We simply purchased a brand new 55-inch flat display TV, and I’d like to hold it over the hearth in our household room. However my husband’s afraid that warmth from the hearth will mess with it. Is it actually a foul thought to mount a TV above a fire?

A: Discuss a hot-button challenge! You’re not the primary particular person to suppose above the hearth is a perfect spot for a TV; in actual fact, residence builders typically set up electrical and cable retailers over the mantle (the horizontal shelf above the hearth) for simply that objective. However relying on the kind of fire you could have, it might very properly be a mistake to hold your new flat display there—for causes that transcend the warmth. Hold studying to seek out out why it is perhaps finest to locate your TV elsewhere.

Extra warmth and electronics don’t combine. A fuel fire can generate 20,000 to 35,000 British thermal items (BTUs) of warmth per hour. To place that into perspective, it takes roughly 15,000 BTUs per hour to warmth a whole 1,400 sq. foot home throughout a typical New England winter. Warmth rises, and even a fire with a blower that directs scorching air towards the middle of the room will nonetheless permit some warmth to flee upward. This makes the world above the hearth hotter than different wall surfaces in your house.

Numerous elements come into play: The farther the hearth mantle extends into the room, the extra it can deflect warmth from the above wall. As well as, some fireplaces produce much less warmth than others, and when mixed with an excellent blower, the wall above the hearth might get solely barely heat. To search out out, tape a thermometer to the wall within the approximate heart of the place your flat-screen TV would possibly dangle. Then, begin the hearth and let it run for a number of hours. Test the thermometer, and if the temperature reaches or exceeds 100 levels Fahrenheit, the situation is just too scorching to your TV. If the temp stays beneath 100 levels Fahrenheit, the TV ought to be protected in that location—however you continue to would possibly wish to rethink, for the explanations defined beneath.

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