How Does A Fireplace Heat Exchanger Work

How Does A Fireplace Heat Exchanger Work

A hearth warmth exchanger works by drawing in cool air from the house and heating the air earlier than discharging it into the house as scorching air. There are two alternative ways to improve an open hearth to make use of warmth exchangers.
Fireplaces differ so far as effectivity, however most are within the minus 20 % to plus 10 to 20 %. This implies a lot of the warmth goes up the chimney, as an alternative of into the house.

The tubular grate kind is made up of a sequence of metal tubes which might be curved to go round or behind the hearth after which exit out of the highest. A blower fan is used to attract in cool air from the underside and blow scorching air out the highest into the house. It is crucial when shopping for these varieties that the metal tubes be high-quality and in a position to deal with the excessive temperature and corrosive results of a fireplace. The sort of improve might be achieved for lower than $1,000. The associated fee is often round $400 to $500 for a quality-made product that lasts.

One may purchase inserts that are mainly metallic containers that match into current fireplaces. The inserts have warmth alternate chambers constructed into them and often have glass doorways so the hearth doesn’t pull in cool air, which might pressure the warmth up the chimney, in response to HowStuffWorks. These varieties are much more costly and require a metal flume, which might imply having to put in a brand new flume. An individual can anticipate to spend 1000’s if going with the insert.

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