Fireplace Tv Mount With Horizontal And Vertical Adjust

Fireplace Tv Mount With Horizontal And Vertical Adjust

Because the introduction of huge flatscreen TVs about 15 years in the past, American householders have wished to mount their TVs over their fireplaces. In any case, that’s the place their sofas and chairs are already going through. The worth they paid for this association, nevertheless, was having to search for at a clumsy angle, which brought on neck pressure and discomfort. Designed particularly to handle this drawback, the brand new ComfortVu over-the-fireplace motorized TV mount, mechanically strikes a big TV down 34” and ahead 25“ for optimum viewing, with the press of a button.

“People watch 250 billion hours of TV yearly,” says Joseph Lee, inventor and President of ComfortVu, LLC. “So a lot of them are uncomfortable doing so as a result of their flatscreens are mounted too excessive on the wall, particularly these positioned above fireplaces. They’ve tolerated the discomfort as a result of there hasn’t been another, till now.”

Avid gamers, too, will welcome the change. Even when their TVs are mounted at a snug peak, they’ll now sit on the ground, wanting straight into the world of their video games.

In line with Nielsen Media Analysis’s newest report, the typical American family watches eight hours and fifteen minutes of tv each 24 hours, with every particular person averaging about 4 and a half hours. Tilting one’s head at a clumsy angle for even a couple of minutes is uncomfortable, however sitting like this for hours on finish is even worse. People spend an enormous proportion of their time watching tv; that’s unlikely to alter. The brand new fireplace TV mount permits this time to be spent extra comfortably.


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