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The Sun Comes Out Tonight

The Sun Comes Out Tonight

June 4, 2013; Wind-up Records
Geoausch Score: 3.5

Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, and Smashing Pumpkins all released albums in the past year. Out of nostalgia, I bought each of these albums hoping to find that 90′s magic,but inevitably, they each to fell short of my expectations.

Perhaps that’s why I have been so surprised with Filter’s The Sun Comes Out Tonight. Unlike the other bands I referenced, Filter never won me over in the 90′s. Sure, like everybody from that era I have “Hey Man Nice Shot” and “Take a Picture” on my iPod, but I never felt compelled to sample anything else the band had to offer.

Until now…

Out of curiosity, I downloaded The Sun Comes Out Tonight and gave it a listen. I heard that Gen. X, angst-driven edge music has been lacking for so long. From the first track, Filter makes it clear they want to produce a commercially viable album, and not impress the folks at Pitchfork. No doubt several of the songs will fit right in on mainstream rock radio, “Watch the Sun Come Out
Tonight,” “Burn It,” and “Take the Knife Out of My Back.”

The album opens with the Nine Inch Nails-like “We Hate It When You Get What You Want,” which sounds like it could have been cut from the Downward Spiral at the last minute (Richard Patrick got his start touring with NIN). While the album’s third track,”Surprise,” presents with notes of a Republic-era New Order.

The Sun Comes Out Tonight marks a definite to the band’s past, with tracks like “Self Inflicted,” which sounds like a remixed version of “Hey Man Nice Shot,” and “First You Break It,” which draw heavily on elements from “Take a Picture.”┬áBut it’s the album’s one curve ball, “It’s My Time,” a slow melodic ballad played out on a piano, that outshines the rest.

While far from perfect, The Sun Comes Out Tonight is easily one of the more enjoyable albums I have listened to over the past five or ten years. It won’t win any awards or win any critical praise, but it’s well worth a $10 investment for a digital copy of a really good album.

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