Jul 23

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The Political Dominos Hit House District 108

District 108

State representative, Dan Branch (R-108), officially launched his campaign for the Texas Attorney General post this morning. It’s a move that shocks no one and represents yet another political domino to fall since Rick Perry announced his intention not to seek reelection.

This announcement leaves my personal district with a huge void. As more than one Democrat friend told me, “he [Branch] is one of the good ones.”

So who will step up and take his place?

Currently, the list of possible candidates looks young and inexperienced, but that’s not always a bad thing. While District 108 still shines bright red, the southern edge certainly looks a bit more purple. Branch’s replacement will need to understand and respect this fact. For the most part Branch did and its one reason he was respected on both sides of the aisle in the Texas legislature.

More than anything, I hope the candidate that wins the right to represent me will have the courage to stand up to the radicals currently in control of the state Republican Party.

Normally, I refrain from writing letters to my elected representatives. I find them to be pedantic, short-sighted, and highly ineffective, but  the debates over HB 2 disgusted me so much I felt compelled to pen Branch a letter earlier this month. In it, I refrained from urging him to vote one way or another on the bill, but instead, drawing from my own personal experiences, reminded him the Texas legislature needed more Bill Ratliffs and less Jodie Laubenbergs.

I think that sums it up pretty well. If I had to design the perfect candidate for District 108, he or she would look a lot like Ratliff.

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