Rising 3L

I officially completed my 2L campaign a few weeks ago, but I am just now taking to reflect on the semester. Even though the school classifies all evening students as “part-time,” I completed 12-semester hours in the spring, which when combined with working 40+ hours a week and tending to family needs, proved to be exhausting.

I took Con. Law, Professional Responsibility, Property II, and a course on negotiations/ADR. I felt Con. Law would be challenging due to the exhaustive nature of the cases, but I was especially surprised with how challenging my PR course proved to be. I think entering the semester, I thought of myself as both “professional” and “responsible.” Plus, I had twenty years of experience in the legal industry. How hard could the class be?

In all honesty, I feel like PR may have been the most challenging course, but as often the case, also the most rewarding class I have taken in law school. First, I feel fortunate to have taken the class from a professor so passionate about the subject matter, which when you think about it is probably one of the most important classes taught in law schools. Indeed, I am shocked that more schools don’t require the course for all students. Fortunately, UNT-Dallas College of Law does and we have one of the best professors in the nation teaching it in Mike Maslanka.

In our very first class, he reminded us that “thou art a priest who devours the mysteries of the sacrament of which others are ignorant.” When you think about it, this perfectly encapsulates the importance of the class.

Now, onto the MPRE in August!

While I am still waiting for most of my grades to post, I am fairly certain I will end the semester with somewhere around a 3.45 to 3.50 GPA–not perfect by any standards, but I am proud of it considering my¬† vocational workload and family obligations. I do regret not having enough time to devote to extracurricular activities like law review, but for the most, I have checked all the boxes I created for myself prior to starting law school.

Now onto year 3 (of 4)!