Jan 07

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Looks Like Our Next Project Has Arrived


The crib arrived today. After spending hours in local baby stores, we decided on one from Sears’ online stores of all places. My father-in-law was gracious enough to purchase the crib and the mattress for us. By the way, as with almost every other thing, registering for your baby is much easier to do online than in the stores. We aim to be a true 21st Century couple and have decided to forego traditional box store registraiton and have only registered through Amazon.

Looks line our next project will be putting this bad boy together. I’ve heard a ton of horror stories from other dads on the trials and tribulations associated with putting these things together. Any of you guys have any helpful hints?

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  1. PO

    Seriously…if ya need help getting anything ready for little Manziel…let me know…my tools are at your disposal.

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