Aug 23

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LMC Closed for the Fall

Multiple sources close to Lon Morris College confirm that faculty and students were informed this afternoon that the College will be closed this Fall. The Fall semester was set to begin on August 29, 2012, but after Monday’s ruling in favor of the Department of Education, the school was faced with the prospect of operating without the ability to offer Federal financial aid. It is unclear whether or not the decision to close the school is permanent.

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  1. Cal Murphy

    Lon Morris is a typical Cherokee County con game designed to take students’ financial aid and pay off the $20 million debt it racked up. The place needs to clean house, restructure, rename or sell out to a more competent district. Just be forewarned though, any school stupid enough to do business in Cherokee County is paying the same people to the do the exact same thing: Hold on to the kids’ student loans indefinitely while providing a subpar learning experience. The place is a racket draped in fake religious shenanigans.
    For God’s sake! It’s Cherokee County, Texas folks!

    They create the problem just to be bailed out. College’s on scholastic warning and in bankruptcy are not entitlted to Title IV financial aid programs, but the local media sure the heck didn’t tell that to 500+ students who enrolled. Small town lies make for big time problems.
    Go to Tyler or Longview to watch the ballgames and keep the sports going.

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