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How I Consume Football

Tonight, we bid farewell to another college football season, one that certainly did not disappoint. Indeed, I enjoyed the 2012 college football season more than any in recent memory, which I’m sure has a lot to with the performance of Johnny Manziel and the entire Texas A&M program. Regardless, it got me to thinking about the way I consume football and it turns out, I consume football much in the same way I do music.

After Friday night’s Cotton Bowl victory, the only football I watched the rest of the weekend was the NCAA FCS Championship on Saturday. I did not watch a second of any of the NFL Wild-Card games on Saturday or Sunday. They simply had no appeal to me.

The NFL today is a lot like mainstream music of any genre that you will hear on the radio. It’s clean, polished, and highly commercial. Just as Clear Channel will try to convince you that you want to hear Nickleback instead of Sonic Youth, the NFL and its network affiliates will try to convince you that its version of football is the most enjoyable.

College football is a lot like the fiercely independent bands with a strong cult followings–the Radioheads, Fleet Foxes, The Decemberists, of the football world. Their fan bases are much more dedicated and will follow their team on the road, wherever they go. Just look at the Alabama traveling circus (I say that as a compliment).

Then you have high school football, especially here in Texas. High school football is like that great local band you’ll go and see every time they play at your local bar. You know they’re never going to make it big, but you enjoy seeing them leave it on all the stage, giving it to the music they produce.

Just as the only time radio is worth listening to is when they are playing your favorite band, the only time the NFL is worth watching is when your favorite team is playing. College and high school football, on the other hand, are always fun and entertaining, regardless of who is playing.

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