Aug 20

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Big Day for Lon Morris

Later this afternoon, a couple of big hearings in the Lon Morris College bankruptcy proceeding will get under way. The most anticipated of the hearings will go a long way in determining the school’s status with the United States Department of Education. So far, I’ve been the only one to report on the DOE’s emergency action against the school, but I anticipate the story will catch more steam depending on the outcome of today’s hearing.

On Friday, Lon Morris filed their Reply in Support of Its Expedited Motion Under Section 525 for Relief Against the Department of Education. The most interesting thing I found in it was the following excerpt:

Though I have mentioned it several times on this blog, nothing I found in the DOE’s original letter or their Response to LMC’s Motion ever mentioned the possibility of LMC selling their accreditation, yet here we find the school out defending against that charge. Very interesting!

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  1. Linda Allen

    Thanks for posting this, even tho it’s very upsetting. Keep us up to date, please. Bio Prof

    1. Josh H. Ellis

      I like to try and find the positives. With LMC’s Title IV status no longer recognized by the DOE, the chances of a predatory, for-profit school sweeping in to buy Lon Morris diminish greatly.

  2. earl

    where does this leave the unpaid former employees?

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