May 17

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Attention Mac Users, I Want to Be Converted


As I prepare to purchase a new computer, I find myself reexamining the classic PC v. Mac debate. I have always owned PC’s, but I am also intrigued by the cult of Apple. From the outside looking in, I view the Macs as a high-priced sports car. They are sexy and a status symbol that provide performance for a small group of specialized professionals. PC’s on the hand, Dells specifically, are the Honda’s (I have 270,000 miles on my 2000 Honda Accord and she still purrs like a kitten) of the computer world. They’re not flashy, but they’re efficient and practical.  The Dell I own is almost 5 years old and has survived drops and spills, and still ran efficiently until the USB ports went out.

It was a good run and mimics my previous experiences with Dell machines, but now it’s time for a new machine and I have identified three different options.

Everyone I consider cool will recommend I go the Mac route, either choosing a MacBook or iPad to replace my archaic PC. While I certainly find Macs sexy, I find their pricing obscene. Plus, and this is where I begin to sound like an old man, I like scroll bars.

I would love an iPad, but they seem to be more of a toy, a supplement to your everyday laptop.  As a blogger and writer, I need something that will allow me to type easily and all of the iPad keyboards I have researched have gotten terrible reviews. Also, I’m not completely sold on the apps available for use with Office products.

The least sexy option, but most practical, is to stick with Dell. I’ve been a loyal Dell customer for over ten years and have always been impressed with the products and customer service. Plus, with their current promotion, I could buy a new laptop and a Windows tablet for less than the cost of the cheapest MacBook.

I would love to be converted to a Mac disciple; however, before I can make that change, I need some more convincing from current Mac users. The floor is open to you. Convince me that I will still get the Honda reliability at the Lamborghini price if I go the Mac route. Is the iPad capable of completely replacing the need of a laptop in my life?

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