Nov 13

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An Informal Poll


Over the past few years, as fantasy sports continued to permeate our culture and TV viewing options have evolved, it seems that a good chunk of NFL fans have become more passionate about their fantasy team, and less passionate about their favorite NFL team. I am an exception to this phenomena, refusing to even start a player who is scheduled to face my beloved Cowboys. Case in point, a few weeks ago, I was forced to bench my fantasy team’s star player, Ray Rice, because the Baltimore Ravens were playing my Cowboys.

My philosophy is simple; I want every player and team that faces the Cowboys to fail miserably. If I start that player on my fantasy team, I would have to root for that person to perform well against my Cowboys, which is completely unacceptable in my mind.

Just curious, how many other NFL fans/fantasy owners share this dedication to their favorite team or, another way of phrasing the question, does your primary allegiance lie with your fantasy team or your favorite NFL team? Which team do you want to see win more?


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