Worst Week

Historically, this coming week is the worst calendar week of the year. 

Yes, we have the MLB All-Star Game–the only all-star game worth watching–but it’s sandwiched in between a week void of professional sporting events (no, the Home Run Derby doesn’t count).

On top of that, we have reached peak summer. We know that we have at least two more months of hot temperatures, high dew points, and all around miserable weather.

Indeed, we have descended into the depths of calendar hell–a period some refer to as the “dog days of summer.” It’s a time period even the ancient Greeks associated with catastrophe and general malaise

This year, I choose to take a more optimistic approach. Instead of focusing on this rather unpleasant valley in the time of season, I choose to view it as the point we begin the (slow) ascent out of misery.

In fifteen days–yes, 15–the Cowboys report for training camp in Oxnard. In twenty-three days, the Cowboys play their first preseason game. Hell, I’ve already purchased my copy of Dave Campbell’s Texas Football and I’ve mapped out my football viewing for the fall.

It’s not all sports related though.

In forty-three days, school starts.

Then comes Labor Day and the ascent really accelerates. From their the weather changes, holidays become more frequent and meaningful, days become shorter, and life, generally, becomes more enjoyable.

It’s all about perspective, so bring on the dog days of summer. This year, I choose to view it as the start of something wonderful. 

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