To my devoted readers, I offer my most sincere apology for failing to maintain this blog as regularly as I would have liked during my 1L year. When I began the year, I intended on chronicling my entire 1L journey, but that did not happen. I found that working forty plus hours a week and completing over twenty hours of law school took, while managing a family of four on the side, took up a little more time than I originally thought and I considered abandoning the blog not only until graduation, but until after the bar. An email I received a couple of weeks ago changed my mind.

The Dean of the UNT-Dallas College of Law–my law school–emailed me thanking me for my August post on UNTDCOL’s accreditation journey with the ABA. I noticed this particular post generates a ton of traffic, in spite of my lack of updates and I recognized their might be some genuine interest in what I have to say. 

So, as my 1L year nears its end, I aim to resurrect this blog from its cyber ashes. With finals fast approaching (next week is our final week of class), I don’t know how often I will post, but I have a lot of reflections from this first year I would love to share. Please check back frequently to see what I have to say and don’t be shy, share your feedback.