Why Does Everything Seem So Disorganized?

After one week, the toughest part about law school is figuring out what is due and when.

What’s that?

Your law school only gave a final and no other graded material?

Well, UNT-Dallas College of Law is different in a lot of ways, including that every class has multiple graded assignments, including quizzes, mid-terms, and finals.

I feel like every syllabus has been updated at least once since the official start of class on Monday, sometimes without the professor informing us of the changes.

The more I think about it, I think this might be intentional. In the “real world,” each court and judge have their own specific rules. Additionally, every case has some form of docket control order. An attorney is responsible for knowing all the rules for a specific judge and jurisdiction. They are also responsible adhering to orders entered that govern discovery, motion practice, etc.

I think our professors want to make sure we learn to read policies and procedures very carefully before sending us out to practice law. No hand holding here!

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