Best Practice Standards for 1L’s

In order to effectively manage a case, legal professionals must adhere to standards of best practices. Many firms establish formal “best practices,” while other offices follow more general standards, but they all share many of the same features. One standard that I have found to be universal involves familiarizing yourself with the local rules for any jurisdiction in which a case is filed. Some jurisdictions, especially Federal jurisdictions (staring at the upper-right side of the state of Texas), have very specific rules in place. If you don’t follow the rules, you risk having your filing rejected (or worse).

I haven’t yet started law school, but I have read through some of the Course Policies and they read just like Local Rules. It confirms to me that one way to approach law school is to treat each course like a case and develop a standard of best practices, beginning with familiarizing yourself with the Course Policies. Unlike undergrad, it appears law school professors give very specific instructions on how to complete and submit assignments. Failure to adhere to these standards could prove costly.

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